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The Law Office of Elizabeth Ann Roberson knows your rights & can help prevent the IRS from seizing your property & wages.

Elizabeth, We are all so appreciative, more than you can imagine!  Thank you again - you are a fantastic attorney!

Tax Services

We know how frustrating & time consuming dealing with tax agencies can be, so contact us, we can take the stress & pressure out of the equation. We can help with your IRS or state debt!


Estate Planning

Each Estate Plan is unique, and we recognize that each estate is as much about its owners as it is about its assets. Therefore, we customize our services to meet our clients’ needs and requests.


Our Quality & Diligence Will put you at Ease

The Law Office of Elizabeth Ann Roberson is a law firm located in Sherman Oaks, California. Our firm is dedicated to assisting individuals and business entities in resolving tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service and the California State Tax Authorities, which include the Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, and the State Board of Equalization. Our firm can assist you with all of your personal and business financial matters from tax relief to estate planning.

Our firm’s founding attorney has represented numerous taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and several of the state tax agencies nationwide, and she has negotiated settlements and obtained successful resolutions for her clients. Our firm strives to provide excellent service to our clients while obtaining the best possible resolution of the tax problem in question given each client’s unique set of circumstances. Whether the service rendered is resolving a tax issue, forming a business entity, drafting a contract, or planning your estate, our firm really cares about our clients and focusing on quality results.

The overall mission of our firm is to provide excellent customer service while working with each individual client and formulating a plan of action tailored to each client’s needs. This is to ensure that the client is taken care of and well informed. Unlike the many questionable tax resolution companies, our attorneys are always available to our clients via email, telephone, or face to face meetings.

In this economy, several companies have sprung up to handle tax matters and legal document preparation; however, there usually is not an attorney on staff or is unavailable due to the overwhelming volume of cases. Those production line atmospheres do not foster an environment where the client’s interests are being protected.

What sets our firm apart is that we deliver personalized and truly exceptional customer service. We also manage our workload responsibly and ethically. Our firm is not interested in the production line method of doing business.  Here, the attorneys on staff are always available to our clients.  In the end, it is our experience and attention to detail that gets the results.


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When you have a tax issue, you can represent yourself or entrust your case to a tax
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Our clients like our flexibility, professionalism. They know we are on their side to achieve the best result.

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