Estate Planning

Effective estate planning can ensure financial security for loved ones. For businesses, it
can maintain a smooth succession of ownership. Our role is to help you navigate the
complex and shifting tax laws to facilitate the transfer of assets and minimize the tax
liability of your beneficiaries.
Our office understands the importance of family, and we work with our clients to ensure
that we create a complete plan that reflects the client’s intentions regarding their estate
and their children.  We offer complete estate planning packages or individual document
preparation based upon each clients’ needs and wishes.

Our Mission

Our firm is dedicated to our client relationships. Elizabeth will sit with you and get to
know you and your business on a personal level. Elizabeth is committed to the
needs of our clients. Each Estate Plan is unique, and we recognize that each estate is
as much about its owners as it is about its assets. Therefore, we customize our services
to meet our clients’ needs and requests.

Learn How To Protect Your Family If The Unthinkable Happens

Use Wills & Trusts to Protect Your Assets, Wishes and the People You Love

  • Revocable Living Trusts

  • Amendments to Trusts

  • Wills

  • Durable Power of Attorneys

  • Advance Health Care Directives

  • Transfer Documents and Instruction

How do I get started?

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